Happy 66 to Me


Say “66” I said to her, as I put my ear to her warm chest.
“Please whisper this magic number,” I asked her with the most gentle voice I could muster.
“What did you say?” she muttered in her ancient voice.
“Whisper the words “66”” I repeated.

Not what you all thought.
For these are the magic numbers of whispering pectoriloquy,
identifying water in the chest with stethoscope on ear.

For me at this birthday I would rather be on Highway 66 than on the receiving end of the call for Whispering Pectoriloquy,
And of course not on the dead end of Highway 66,
but on the open highway.
To continue on this miracle journey we call life.

Thank you all for your welcome birthday wishes – I need all that I can get!

March 19