Hard Times for the Hard Drive

Ashley Davidoff Copyright 2018

When I became slow rusty and crusty,
They drove a stick drive through my hard drive-
Like a stab in the back
And tossed me to the cold water of the winter
And now I lie with an empty brain on the dog walk path
With the excrement of some wild animal on my face –
So I said to myself as I lay in the gutter of life

If I am not for myself who will be for me?
And if I am only for myself – What am I?
And if not now when then?
So I did the trick of Watson and Crick
and did CTRL copy paste and duplicated myself
and did C colon enter and got rid of the excrement on my face
and did CTRL ALT delete and deleted the ALT RIGHT CLICK (whew!)
and then did CTRL SAVE – which saved my soul
And suddenly there was a turn around and I sat upright in the water
Thank G for Hillel who inspired my comeback!