Short Stories

THIS WOMAN WANTS TO MARRY MY SON .  What do you think?



And … my son wants to marry “this woman” from Poland – First impression?

(image 1) Background check

(image 2)
What is your advice?




My Assessment Well let’s start from the top HER HAIR!

#1 Her hair is a mess (looks like she just got of bed! …. with my son!) # 2 It is not natural

#3 It is so sparse Could she have trichophagia? – “the compulsive eating of hair associated with trichotillomania (hair pulling). …

Sometimes those with the disorder MAY EVEN EAT THE HAIR OF OTHERS”!!!!.



Ongoing saga – Assessment of the woman that wants to marry my son

Now her head!

# 1At least it is screwed on tight (she has some sense. Of course she wants my son!) but..

#2 Screwed on only by a thread

#3 I looked inside – – Just empty space No brain – Not a piep , not a scveek – Nuttingggg!!! I tell you not a brain in that nut!



Well I am not going to belabour the negative evaluation of this Poland Spring lass as a potential wife for our son

Our final observations (see arrows on pic)
#1 She was all about plastic
# 2 “Established in 1845” That makes her 171 years old “Aber Bottel” = Yiddish for Over the hill with all the craziness that goes along with that age group
#3 “100% natural water” – Who isn’t made of natural water?
#4 A little twisted
#5 Claimed her roots and foundation were holy – Right about that Many holes



#6 Dents in her backside
# 7 Really from Maine – Polish thing was a pure lie –

That was the only thing that was pure about – her – lies –

And her water of course