Twist of Fate

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You never know what tomorrow will bring –

Whether your number is up or down,

What your number will be,

Whether it will land on a smooth or sharp surface,

In the rain or in sunshine ..

And so the bottom line ..

We should live in the moment…

And be aware of our gifts…

Easier said than done of course

The 5+ 4 = 9 = 1/2 of 18

= half chai

= one half of life

= ie there is more to the story than just living in the moment

Not sure what that may be though but will try to work it out while on the dog walk
Inspired by conversation with cousin Steven Isaacson. and his family at a reunion last night after more than twenty year hiatus
Found this dice on a dOG wAlk and it had this profound lesson to teach

August 31 2016 – 110